Item Title
Based on a modified Boeing Field Shhydbabayy
2 reviews construction plans for Phase 2 - Electrical installations - mechanical
3 layout design of the external body of public places
Cost estimates for four projects
5 for 4 axis and urban furniture (St. Judge - Justice - Civil - Municipal)
6 Spatial distribution of income groups in urban design and its impact on city
7 Kosar Rim Park
Study and design of the Elite 8 Boulevard
9 improved geometric design lecturer Blvd
Reorganization of the river with 10 indoor water channels and streams located in the old Tehran
11 Design Collection of maintaining Islamic values ??and cultural institutions and publishing the works of Imam Khomeini
Study and design of 12 bridges over the channel
13 urban furniture design and tailor the city's Imam Khomeini COLD
14 Anhar subsurface to the city's Imam Khomeini Avenue COLD
Ali Akbar 15th Sculpture Abutorab
16 Statue of Ali Akbar Dehkhoda
17 Statue of Mohammed Ali Rajai
18 design, traffic control center in Qazvin
19 planning studies (engineering and market) and the conceptual design of the park project Barajyn
20 Patvqhay neighborhoods
21 design phase of a terminal area parking
Amina Khatun mausoleum enclosure design 22
23 Kfsazy Ramstan Paradise Hosseini
24 Navab bathroom design
25 Structural design - electrical and mechanical installations of Qazvin city office building
26 Qazvin Municipality Building Design
Land Design Services 27 Motor and its adjacent lands
28 Soil mechanics experiments Qazvin Municipality Building
Study and design of the intersection of 29th Civil Junction Ghyrhmsth
30 intersection design study and the rare intersection Ghyrhmsth
31 geometric design of intersections and roads Ghyrhmsth Bvyyn Z - Railroad
32 tests in soil mechanics rare intersection
33 Soil Mechanics Laboratory Civil Junction

Item Title
Geometric and structural design of the project and the intersection of Boulevard 34 Ghyrhmsth martyr Bahonar - water channel Taleghan
Geometric design and construction of 35 projects and the River Market and Crossroads Boulevard Motahari Blvd Ghyrhmsth warriors
36 projects designed to study the geometric intersection Ghyrhmsth field commanders
37 projects and architectural design phase of building a city of Qazvin
38 projects and design of parking garage East
Geometric and structural design of the project and the intersection of 39th and Boulevard Motahari Blvd Ghyrhmsth International University of Imam Khomeini