Stamp of excellence
Name: Muhammad Ismail Family: Hafezi
Born: 1359 - Qazvin
Address: Qazvin - St. Dehkhoda - No. 36 - No. 48
Tel: 09122818138 Email:
1. Education and study
Education Undergraduate degree GPA Rshththsyly
The popular high school diploma in 1377 91/18 Sadra Ryazyfyzyk
54/16 1383 Qazvin Islamic Azad University, Civil Engineering - Civil Engineering
1386 Danshkdhfny 33/16 - Gilan State University Civil Engineering - Graduate Structural
Research conducted in Qazvin Azad University Master of Management Executive MBA
2. General features
• Familiarity with Microsoft office software in Word / Excel / PowerPoint
• Familiarity with general software and programming languages ??AutoCAD / MathCAD / Matlab
• familiarity with the Internet.
• Familiarity with the English language: reading, comprehension and translation of texts.
• Ability to compose and documentation with the psychology text.
3. Professional Skills
• Familiarity with structural design and analysis software SAP / ETABS / SAFE / Ansys6.1
• Familiarity with the modeling software Ansys.
• Analysis and design of steel and concrete structures.
• Familiarity with seismic analysis and design of buildings.
• Familiarity with structural design based on performance.
• Familiarity with the guidelines and regulations, improvement of existing buildings seismic FEMA356 and ATC40.
4. Research Experiences
• Master thesis performed a seismic evaluation of structures using modal analysis covering Ur (Modal Pushover) with the help of doctor Nusrat ... Fallah (Danshyardanshgah Gilan) and S. Pvrzynly doctor (Danshyardanshgah Gilan)
• presented the paper entitled "Evaluation of methods of increasing non-linear static analysis of Moody and its application in seismic evaluation of buildings of irregular heights" in the Fifth International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology.
• presented the paper entitled "Analysis of static non-linear increase in the taxpayer's estimate of seismic responses of buildings with a height of irregularities" in the Third National Congress of Civil Engineering.
• Modeling and Behavior of rigid connections in Iran in July to the Ansys software
• The weaknesses of the field and industrial sheds were destroyed by the snow disaster in Gilan
• review and determine the structural weaknesses in buildings of Qazvin (over 100 buildings) the city of Qazvin
• The laboratory and its familiarity with the behavior of dense concrete, SCC
• participated in dozens of seminars, conferences and training courses related to school

5. Professional Experience
• Working with engineering services firms (design, supervision, implementation)
• working with consulting firms (design, construction, retrofitting)
• Certificate of employment in having the two basic engineering services (design, supervision, implementation) of the Housing and Urban Development
• Committee members to monitor and control the Construction Engineering Organization of Qazvin.
• Member of core committee to monitor and control the Construction Engineering Organization of Qazvin.
• Committee member of the Construction Engineering Research Organization, Qazvin
• Member of the Publications Committee of Construction Engineering Qazvin

• Head Office to monitor the performance of construction engineers and supervisors (city of Qazvin)
• Architecture and Urban Design Manager (City of Qazvin)
• Director of Municipal Services, Qazvin
• Head of Qazvin city beautification
• Board member of the Foundation for Cooperative Entrepreneurship Qazvin
• Member of the TV actors and urban landscape, Qazvin