The Municipal Services Project Qazvin
Item Title
A martyr for the civil construction and furniture Babai
1-1 - for the municipal building and furniture Azadegan Blvd.
1-2 - Montazeri old city proper and new furniture
1-3 - for the Palestinians and urban furniture
1-4 - suitable for furniture making, and the garrison town
1-5 - for the construction and urban furniture Frvdsy
1-6 - good and Saadi-based City Furniture
1-7 - for the rare and urban furniture
1-8 - for the construction and urban furniture Mynvdr
1-9 - for the construction and urban furniture Khayyam
10-10 - for the municipal building and furniture martyr Beheshti
Two studies and strategic plan centered Kvranh
Study and design of three martyrs St.
4 Detailed design of the urban area Chvbyndr - preparing village plans Cho Binder
5 The Boulevard, industry and the organization of Qazvin - Bvyyn Z.
6 Rural Organizing Project Quartet Ismael Abad - Amir Abad - Hussein Abad - Akbar Abad
7 Detailed design of the belt Ajraby Blvd martyr Motahhari Blvd East
8 administrative plan to organize a local old Tehran-based
9 of privacy in this plan
10 Mshal annoying urban plan preparation
11 organized neighborhood plan implementation Hadi Abad
12 Urban Design and Landscape Vision improvement in Railway Street
13 furniture design to urban transportation
14 local detailed plan of the city of Qazvin, and Housing and Urban Development's agreement Vzartyn
14-1 - local comprehensive land use plan Bgylk
14-2 - local detailed plan Blvd Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and gardens thrive.
14-3 - The local comprehensive plan and Rasht Hamadan
14-4 - The local detailed plan Taleghani
14-5 - Detailed plan for Palestine topical subjects - Document - Khayyam and boundaries between them
15 north side area plan preparation Mulla - Chvbyndr - Ismael Abad
16 units for organizing the purchase and sale of scrap
Organizing Project 17 lands Mosalla
18 research projects and urban neighborhoods to create Patvqhay
19 study, design and operation of green space for city
20 comprehensive information technology plan